Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Call your Congressman!

Senator John Thune S.D.
Here's a big one!  How do you feel about your tax dollars going to pay for irresponsibility in state governments?  The minute the state of California elected the same "big spending, anything goes, tree-hugging environmentalists . . . ," I fired off an email to my representatives encouraging them to dig in their heels and vote NO to bailing out said states!  Well, Republican Senator Thune (South Dakota) has a bill before the Senate to avoid doing just that!  His thinking, which is right on the money, drops all the harmful tax increases, and the costly $24 billion state bailouts from the Baucus bill. 

So--you pay your taxes--state and federal--your state practices "sound" financial principles, but YOU are on the hook to those states such as CA, RI,  & CT, who have spent their way into a deep hole.  At the moment, "bankruptcy" for state governments is illegal, but Washington, with all it's great collective brain, is discussing how to legalize this policy.  Scary isn't it?  If you overspend--they take your home.  The government overspends and everyone else pays the price! 

I encourage you to write or phone your representatives and encourage them to vote for the Thune amendment.  Curious where your state sits financially?  The following link provides that information.  Call the boys!

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