Monday, December 20, 2010

Democratic Agenda

With all the internal problems within our country, its difficult to understand the priorities of our *beloved* Democrats in Congress.  With unemployment at nearly 10%, the economy in the toilet, and our national debt skyrocketing, the Democrats spent their last few hours as the reigning power passing legislation near and dear to their hearts.  The following bills were voted on this past week:

  • Giving illegal aliens legal status (Dream Act--failed)
  • Agreeing with our *friends* the Russians, (Start--strategic arms reduction treaty) that we will reduce our nuclear capacity--if THEY will.  (Who believes that???)
  • Gay rights--dissolving the military's policy on "Don't Ask--Don't Tell" (passed)
  • Omnibus Bill--a 1.1 TRILLION dollar "porkfest" (did not make it up for a vote--but they tried)
  • Voted (I love this one) to keep the government "funded" through February.  There had been talk of the collapse of the government if they didn't vote on this one.  That ought to give you a warm fuzzy!
  • Voted to extend the Bush tax cuts for another two years--in my opinion, the only bill worth the vote. 
Dems knew they would have a greatly diminished vote for the second half of Obama's presidency and worked feverishly to pass these bills in order to maintain their solid "minority" base.  Good riddance I say!  The sooner this buffoon is out of the White House the better for the nation.

 P.S.  Have you noticed the U.S. Treasury is now printing coins that have "In God We Trust" written on the sides of the coins rather than on the coin itself?  Point being:  Once the phrase "wears off" it's gone for good.  See any trend there?

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  1. Gays used to be sent away if they were known gays in the military. Then they came up with don't ask don't tell. A measure that would allow them to stay in the military if they just kept it on the down low. Now, that stinks, and gays are allowed to be in the military. I don't even want to think about the ramifications this will bring, especially during times of war. Additionally I see this as a step to add gays as "special" for government hiring as in "affirmative action". A great time to give illegals legal status is when unemployment is at 10%. Yes I'm being sarcastic. Anyone seen as liberal recieves special benefits under Obama.