Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dream Act Comes Up for a Vote Today!

Where do you stand?
The Dream Act is a bill written with the intention of allowing "illegals" who have been in this country for years, to obtain rights that are usually held only for this country's citizens.  This affects illegals under the age of 30, who were brought to this country by their parents before they were 16 years old.  They are required to fulfill at least 2 years of college or serve in our military--this gives them legal status in the United States.  The liberals claim that an "educated population" would be healthier for our economy.  What economy?  We already have nearly 10% unemployment (granted, some of that unemployment is BY CHOICE--we are now offering unemployment benefits for another 13 MONTHS--once this is exhausted, claimants may move into the national program--rather than state--wonderful, isn't it???  But that's another story!)   So, how do you feel about the dream act?  Another burden or a blessing to our battered, beloved country?  The following are links to more information, pro & con, for this bill.  I encourage you to get involved and let your state representatives know how you feel.

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