Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welfare $$$ Going to Strippers!

Let The Good Time Roll!
I'll bet if it's happening in California it's happening other places as well.  Let's see . . . California pays their small town government employees exorbitant amounts--like nearly $800,000.00 to be mayor of the small town of Bell, CA.  Hmmm, Mayor Rizzo is now up on criminal charges (he's still eligible for his $976,771 annual retirement benefits).  But this one takes the cake:  Welfare recipients in California are able to scan their welfare cards in ATM machines in casinos, strip clubs, and state licensed poker rooms.  Governor Schwarzenegger is shocked by this "reprehensible behavior" and has vowed to correct the problem.  Just keep this in mind when California comes crying to the rest of the country for their share of bail out money.  (My apologies to all the good people who live in CA!)  By the way--do you know what your mayor and superintendent draw as a salary?  You might want to look into it!  Just thought you'd like to know!,0,4870788.story

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