Saturday, October 23, 2010

Doctrine of Inevitability of Gradualism

Ok folks, here's a new term for you (compliments of Glenn Beck)!  .  DOCTRINE OF INEVITABLILITY OF GRADUALISM Doesn't sound like much but it can be lethal if you're not paying attention.  Basically it means, once your foot is in the door--all possibilities are on the table.  Here's an example:  Recently the "powers that be" in Washington recommended rating appliances according to their "green" impact on the world.  Now that sounds harmless enough--in fact it may even sound like a good idea.  A few years down the road however, they decide that YOU aren't doing YOUR part for the world by making good choices in your purchases.  So, before you know it--they're "taxing" you for buying the "non-green" items.  What happens?  People obviously purchase what the government wants them to.  What do manufacturers do?  They either build the way the government says, or they go out of business.  It is ONE MORE governmental control on your decisions; one more way for government to control business.  If they started out by saying "You buy the appliances we tell you to buy" you'd rebel--"NO WAY" ! But if they do it GRADUALLY, they've succeeded before you even know what's happening.

Enjoy a baked potato?  Well, you'd better hurry because Mr. Obama's administration is about to declare war on it.  Since you can't decide what type of food is GOOD for you--they're going to try to limit your choices.  As an Idahoan--I am furious over this newest step in governmental control.  Don't believe me?  Check it out:

One more example of DOCTRINE OF INEVITABLILITY OF GRADUALISM.  Better gobble down that steak, and enjoy that butter now.  If the Obamas have their way--you'll have to pay a hefty price for them in the future--and you can bet that hefty price won't go to the farmer/rancher!  Wake Up America!

One of my astute readers made this comment:  "Mr. Obama is a chain smoker--but we can't eat potatoes???"

For another example read the new blog entry "A New Way To Tax."

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