Saturday, October 9, 2010

Which Stimulus Are You Paying For?

I spent a little time on the Internet this morning looking for projects sponsored by YOUR tax dollars in Obama's stimulus package.  Here's are just a few:

2 million for ant analysis
650 million for converter boxes from analog to digital
$49,410.00 to install rubber tile tennis courts in Bozeman MT
198 million to Filipino Veterans
335 million for the prevention of STD (sexually transmitted disease)--including condom giveaways
70 million for "supercomputer activities"--especially if they relate to climate research
2 BILLION for a "near zero" emissions power plant (not sure where this is to be located)
246 million tax break to movie producers--since when does Hollywood need $$$? (removed after outrage)
20 million spent erecting signs around the country promoting the stimulus package
1 million in Austin TX for a Frisbee golf course
6 million in Minnesota for a skiing related snow making device
100 million to aid casinos in PA
6 million to "reclaim" a famous surfer's hangout in Ventura CA
20 million for a Minor League Baseball Hall of Fame
$71,000. to Wake Forest University to study cocaine use in monkeys
$700,000.00 to Wake Forest University to study (this is my personal favorite) monkeys reaction to "inequity and unfairness".
500 million for airport screening devices--all this while our government is suing AZ citizens for their to efforts to curb illegal aliens from entering through their "open" borders.

Wow, I feel like I'm getting (as Nancy Pelosi puts it) the biggest "bang for the buck" with my tax dollars.  How about you?  And Congress wants to increase our taxes because we're "too stupid" to know how to manage our own money.  Get real America!

If you're interested I found this website that monitors the spending of the stimulus money.  Its slightly amusing but the real fun is reading comments at the bottom of each stimulus project.  Have fun!

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