Saturday, October 16, 2010

Van Jones; Self-Proclaimed Communist--But What a Smile!

 Now some of you may wonder why I'm posting information on Van Jones.  He has since "resigned" his office of "Green Jobs" Czar  (President Obama "bypassed" the senate confirmation to place his buddy in this position) after so much media attention was called to his background.  (Remember, the "green" campaign is designed to  place such heavy restrictions/taxes on businesses that they can no longer compete in the world economy.) He is a self-proclaimed communist.  It is because of his background and the fact that he is SO CLOSE to the president that I felt it necessary to include him.  This is the calibur of man that Obama chooses as one of his most trusted advisors.  Even though he has resigned from this position he is still working within Obama's organization.  Doesn't he just give you one of those "warm fuzzy" feelings?  Feel free to look him up on Google.  He claims that he was the "victim" of a smear campaign--that others have misconstrued his words, etc.  He spent time in prison where, it is alleged, that he helped to write the president's stimulus package.  He's a completely "charming" man; killer smile, engaging, and very personable.  But look deeper folks, I beg you!

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  1. Its amazing that big mouthed ignoramous made it through Yale Law School. Either he was a token pushed through or is dumbing down his rhetoric in order to connect with those who are stupid. I don't know which or if both are true but he is not a good person to have in a position of power. His rhetoric reminds me of the kind Hitler provided only obviously for black people in order to push forward his own agenda.